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Our History Returning to Blue

The Founder’s Birthday- Back to Blue…

Today marks Joe’s 69th Birthday. What began in 1977, at the beginning of his Journey for Gems, has now led to this pivotal moment for our company.



Our original company M.Z. Impex Corp was once a leading supplier of blue sapphires and semi-precious stones. A lot has changed since then, and we continue to search the world for the rarest gemstones.

Over the last few years, our family company has grown. We are proud and fortunate to reach this moment: Joe’s brother-in-law, Ramin Nassimian, and Joe’s son Justin joining forces. Together, we will enter a new chapter of the Rare Gem Collection. We pledge to do our best to educate the public on blue sapphires and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Beginning the day after Joe’s Birthday and in honor of September’s birthstone (Sapphire), we will reintroduce Blue Sapphires into our collection.

Each Monday we will upload new blue sapphires. We are excited to move forward with Blue. We look forward to being your most reliable source for Alexandrites and Sapphires source going forward!

Red Diamond and Blue Diamond

Time and time again the notion of diamonds being rare has been displaced. There are exceptions to everything. Red diamonds and blue diamonds are amongst the most highly sought collectors items in the world. Their scarcity is unmatched. Most recently, a 12.11 carat fancy intense blue diamond sold for approximately $1.3 Million Per Carat! Sotheby’s Auction House estimates this 1.38 ct Red Diamond to sell for $1.8 to $2.8M USD!

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Fancy Blue Diamond Ring- Source: Christie’s
Real Alexandrite
Fancy Red Diamond Ring- Source: Sotheby’s