Rare Gem Collection

Why Us?

  • Why Us?
  • So why the Rare Gem?

The internet is flooded with claims of rarity when it comes to gemstones and jewelry. Self supplied appraisals further create an illusion of value. An educated consumer should do as much research as possible when deciding what gemstone is right for them.

Fortunately, we’ve been privileged with the opportunity to explore the world to buy and sell all types of gemstones. Some being rare, and others quite common. Nevertheless, there will never be a definitive authority on what is the rarest gemstone.

We understand that the decision to acquire any colored gemstone should not be taken lightly. We take our AGTA and I.C.A. Memberships seriously, and believe in going beyond obligatory ethical disclosure. We believe in educating the consumer immediately as we ourselves garner exclusive gem trade related information. Our philosophy is fully informed-educated disclosure. That is, giving you and explaining to you information in plain english.

Besides giving you information, we emphasize gathering as much information as possible. Never rely on someone’s own assessment of any gemstone. We pride ourselves on using independent third party labs of the highest reputation to provide objective gem data. We will never give self-serving “certificates.”

Red Diamond and Blue Diamond

Time and time again the notion of diamonds being rare has been displaced. There are exceptions to everything. Red diamonds and blue diamonds are amongst the most highly sought collectors items in the world. Their scarcity is unmatched. Most recently, a 12.11 carat fancy intense blue diamond sold for approximately $1.3 Million Per Carat! Sotheby’s Auction House estimates this 1.38 ct Red Diamond to sell for $1.8 to $2.8M USD!

Buy Alexandrite
Fancy Blue Diamond Ring- Source: Christie’s
Real Alexandrite
Fancy Red Diamond Ring- Source: Sotheby’s