Rare Gem Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We ship everywhere. We are not responsible for customs and duties fees incurred upon delivery. For purchases over $10,000. We offer free shipping?

Shipping is free for USA Orders.

Yes. Every shipment includes insurance coverage.

For USA Clients, we offer 100% full returns within 30 days of purchase for loose gemstone purchases. Custom Pieces are final sale. We also offer 30 returns on any ring purchases. We will do our absolute best to customize rings to your exact liking to ensure your satisfaction.

Origins can be requested. However, labs typically take an additional 3 weeks to return results. Upon request, once an order is completed, we can submit an origin request with any of the following NY Labs: AGL, GIA, or Gubelin. GRS may require additional time due to their limited NY Visits. Origins will be subjected to an additional fee of $100-$500 depending on stone size.

Subject to lab timing, we can update any report with any purchase which may take additional 2-3 weeks.

All our Alexandrites come from: Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India, and Tanzania. We guarantee one of those origins. Due to the difficulty in identifying origins, we cannot guarantee that the lab will give the origin we say the stone is. However, we can guarantee any stone that is listed as Russian or Brazilian to be as such.

No. We only offer Trade Ins for Alexandrites purchases from us

Without seeing a stone in person, it is extremely difficult to say if it is real or not. Images and videos alone are helpful, but now lab created stones are also very deceiving. We suggest always submitting stones to one of the reputable labs we use. These labs can be found here.

Yes. Upon Request we can provide an appraisal. We charge $100 for appraisals. We also require a lab report to confirm appraisal. You are responsible for 100% of the lab report fees

No. We do not buy from the public online.

Yes- upon special request. Please call or email us.

Yes- upon special request. Please call or email us.

Yes. We can make pendants, bracelets, brooches, or any other creation that you like.

These Alexandrites come with a life time guarantee of being one of a kind. Should you find another Alexandrite with the same weight, color change, and shape, with a lab report, we will buy it back.

These Alexandrites are made in a laboratory. They are NOT NATURAL and have no re-sale value.

No. Our Alexandrites are 100% Natural Guaranteed.