Rare Gem Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?
What is your USA Shipping Policy?
Do you insure the shipments?
What is your Return Policy?
What if I want origin on one of the stones I want to purchase?
The lab report is many years old. What if I want an updated report?
The Alexandrite I want does not show origin on the GIA Report, how do I know what origin it is?
I already own an Alexandrite, do you offer trade-ins?
I am trying to figure out if my stone is real. How do I know if it is?
Do you offer Appraisals?
I want to sell my Alexandrite. Do you buy Alexandrites?
Do you sell other gemstones or diamonds?
Do you sell other gemstones or diamonds?
Do you customize other type of jewelry besides rings?
Why are Vespertine Alexandrites more expensive?
What are Chatham Lab created Alexandrites?
Are your Alexandrites treated?