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Alexandrite Tops Diamond for Engagement Rings: 3 Key Reasons

Justin Zaroovabeli
December 22, 2023

Here Are The Reasons

1. Diamonds might be forever, but Alexandrites are rarer.

Historically, Diamonds have been the go to choice for couples. However, consumer data suggests that recent trends are heading towards other nontraditional engagement rings.

As information becomes more and more available, the average consumer seeks to distinguish themselves from the multitude of people wearing diamonds.

The route usually leads to colored gemstones as center stones for engagement rings. While diamonds continue to be worn, their characteristics are easily replicated. That is, a 1 carat diamond with similar color, clarity, and shape can easily be found anywhere, especially online. Conversely, colored gemstones are extremely variable. Hue, tone, and saturation for each unique color fluctuates, this makes the extremely unlikely to be found again. This is especially true for Alexandrite, that has 2 distinct colors.

2. Alexandrite changes color depending on light.

As color popularity rises, the choice becomes easier when you have a gemstone, like alexandrite, that can magically change from green to purple.

3. Alexandrite hardness allows it to be durable for everyday wear.

The entire color spectrum range is captured by one gemstone. There seems to be no reason to limit yourself to one color hue! An everyday engagement ring must be sturdy enough to avoid damage. Each gemstone’s resistance to getting scratched can be measured by its “hardness”. One known benefit of diamonds is that its hardness is 10 (on the Moh’s scale). Colored gemstones are less than 10. However, gemstones closer to 8 and 9, will are better suitable for wear and tear. Alexandrite is 8.5 on the moh’s scale. Just below corundum (ruby/sapphire) at 9.

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