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Auction Update For Alex Guide 2021

Justin Zaroovabeli
December 22, 2023

2021 Guide

Alexandrites from Brazil have become an elusive gemstone. Close observation of Alexandrite Auctions, and price history show that the price continues to rise, while supply further decreases. Part of the reason for the diminishing availability is due to COVID mining restrictions. While Brazil faces COVID, Alexandrite mining has been cautious due to Government oversight. The limited conditions for mining make retrieving new Alexandrites from Brazil extremely difficult. The lack of Brazilian Alexandrites over 4 carats is further apparent from a careful look at Sotheby and Christie’s Auctions in the year:

2.86 ct Alexandrite Ring (Brazil Origin).

Sold For $22,275.00

Cert.: GIA from Green-Blue to Purplish Red

Date: October 2021

Auction: Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Part II (Hong Kong)

As of the date of this blog post, a Harry Winston Alexandrite has been listed for Auction:

According to the listing, the Harry Winston Alexandrite is 7.04 carats, with Gubelin Certification from 2005, and has pronounced colour change, confirmed from Brazil. The estimate auction price ranges from $400,000 HK to $600,000 HK Dollars, which is about $50,000 to $77,000 USD total. We believe this Alexandrite will surpass this valuation significantly.

However, if you are wondering why prices seem to be lower than historic alexandrite auction prices, our opinion is that there are a few factors that are present:

  1. The daylight color of these Alexandrites is blue dominant hue, when ideally it should be green
  2. The clarity is questionable as most online auction photos cannot capture the true appearance of the internal aspects of the Alexandrite
  3. The size is small relative to 10 ct + Alexandrite stones traditionally fetching premium prices.

Bottom line, when considering investing in Alexandrite, we emphasizes the Rarity Factors as a good starting point. If origin is something that is important to you, then Alexandrites from Brazil will always require a premium above market price. We believe degree of color change is the most important factor. Either way, make sure you get a reliable lab report before you purchase anything!

2.67 ct Alexandrite Ring (Brazil Origin).

Sold for $56,500.00 .

Cert.: Gubelin Certified from Greenish-Blue to Violetish Purple

Date: October 2021

Auction: Sotheby’s  Magnificent Jewels Part I

3.51 ct Alexandrite Ring (Brazil Origin).  

Sold For $60,700.00

Cert.: AGL 90-100% degree of colour change (prominent)

Date: April 2021

Auction: Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels  (Hong Kong)

2.85 ct Alexandrite Ring (Brazil Origin).  

Sold For $24,100.00

Cert.: GIA/Gubelin Blue-Green to Reddish Purple

Date: March 2021

Auction: Christie’s Online Auction

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