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The Rare Gem's Triumph at AGTA Spectrum & Cutting Edge Awards

Justin Zaroovabeli
December 22, 2023

Exciting news! The esteemed AGTA Spectrum & Cutting Edge Awards have honored The Rare Gem with a prestigious second place award, for a pair of exquisite Alexandrites. Hosted by the American Gem Trade Association, this annual event serves as the pinnacle for recognizing design excellence in the vibrant world of colored gemstones and cultured pearls.

pair of Alexandrites 6.97 ct. total weight. AGL Certified. Origin: Tanzania
6.97 ct. total weight. AGL Certified. Origin: Tanzania

The AGTA Spectrum & Cutting Edge Awards are not just a competition; they are a celebration of the artistry and craftsmanship that define the world of gemstones. As winners are crowned, they not only set new standards for excellence but also have the power to influence global trends. Earning a noteworthy second place, The Rare Gem not only radiated brilliance but also made a significant statement on the allure and desirability of unconventional gemstones. Its recognition goes beyond the limelight, marking a distinct moment in celebrating the beauty and appeal of unique and rare gemstones.

AGTA spectrum and cutting ede award winner logo

Specializing in Alexandrites and Padparadscha Sapphires, The Rare Gem is renowned for highlighting the distinctive qualities of these extraordinary stones. They go beyond by crafting bespoke pieces that transform these gems into wearable works of art. With a dedication to authenticity and a profound respect for the rarity of each gem, The Rare Gem provides an enchanting experience for those captivated by the allure of these exceptional stones.

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Discover the allure of exceptional gemstones at the AGTA GemFair Tucson from January 30 to February 4, 2024, hosted at the Tucson Convention Center. Join us at booth number 1002, where The Rare Gem proudly presents their award-winning pair of Alexandrites, securing second place at the esteemed AGTA Spectrum & Cutting Edge Awards. This exclusive showcase not only highlights The Rare Gem's exceptional creations but also unveils a collection of dazzling gemstone winners. Immerse yourself in a world of rare and extraordinary gems, each piece reflecting a commitment to authenticity and a celebration of unique allure.

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