Rare Gem Collection

Jewelry Design Services

Let us help you craft the Ring of your dreams. See what we have available online. Not all our stones are shown, so please be sure to call us to see what we have that is similar.

  1. Pick a stone.

The hardest part is finding the right stone. Rare Gemstones are treasures. We are constantly looking all over the world for the most unique gems.

We will send you multiple videos and photos of any stone under multiple lighting to insure you know what it looks like.

See what we have available. Or email us specifics. Be sure to include the following information

  1. Type of Stone
  2. Shape Preference
  3. Size Range in Carats
  4. Total Budget

After your email us. We will get back to you within 24 Hours.

2.Every design can be altered to your liking. Our jeweler will change the smallest detail, surrounding stones, setting, metal color, band width, prong type.

3. Modify your Vision

4. Details Detail Details

We will go back and forth with you for as long as possible to get it right! Just make sure you have the ring size and metal type ready for production!

If you wish to make an appointment, or free consult, please call us directly: +1 (212)-382-1314

Red Diamond and Blue Diamond

Time and time again the notion of diamonds being rare has been displaced. There are exceptions to everything. Red diamonds and blue diamonds are amongst the most highly sought collectors items in the world. Their scarcity is unmatched. Most recently, a 12.11 carat fancy intense blue diamond sold for approximately $1.3 Million Per Carat! Sotheby’s Auction House estimates this 1.38 ct Red Diamond to sell for $1.8 to $2.8M USD!

Buy Alexandrite
Fancy Blue Diamond Ring- Source: Christie’s
Real Alexandrite
Fancy Red Diamond Ring- Source: Sotheby’s