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3.60 cts.

Cushion Shape Grandidierite

$ 120,000.00 USD
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Unearth the Extraordinary: Behold the captivating allure of a 3.60 carat Grandidierite, a gem that shimmers with excellence in both clarity and color. What sets this gem apart is its rarity – it's like finding a hidden treasure within the world of gemstones. Grandidierite is a true rarity, not commonly seen in jewelry, making it a privilege to possess.A Rarity Beyond Compare: Grandidierite's scarcity stems from a combination of factors, from its unique mineral composition to the limited regions where it's found. This gemstone boasts a breathtaking greenish-blue hue reminiscent of the most pristine waters. In comparison to coveted Paraiba tourmaline, Grandidierite stands as a gem that is much, much, much rarer, elevating its allure to unparalleled heights. With excellent clarity and color, this Grandidierite gem becomes a canvas for nature's artistry, an exceptional addition to any collection. Embrace the rarity and elegance that only Grandidierite can offer, a gem that embodies the wonder of the natural world in a truly remarkable way.
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I found The Rare Gem doing hours of research on the perfect gem for my engagement ring and decided on Alexandrite for its beauty and unique color changing qualities. It was important for us to buy from a reliable and trustworthy source and The Rare Gem was just that.

Joanna Tan
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Loved the alexandrite ring I got from the rare gem. It looked even better in person than on the website. I had a lot of difficulty finding a jeweler that had alexandrite and I was very happy with the selection that Justin had.

John Smith
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If you're in the market for an exceptional heirloom quality piece of jewelry - Justin and his team have you covered. Incredibly satisfied with the final results, and hopefully the first of many pieces for my fiancée-to-be

Ted Green
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Great friendly service.  They were very accommodating with my scheduling constraints.  They were very knowledgeable and took their time with me.  They were genuinely interested in my satisfaction. Their website provides a great education on Alexandrite.

David Ebling
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I had an amazing experience working with Justin and his team. I'm so glad I found the Rare Gem, because I was having a hard time sourcing a quality Russian stone prior. The whole process was a breeze. Justin was extremely knowledgeable and responsive and offered several options.

Shane Suazo
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We were looking for a padparadscha sapphire for an engagement ring and had a wonderful experience working with Justin. He was knowledgeable, fair, and was always on the lookout for a sapphire that would suit our needs. We would highly recommend him!

Kamal Menghrajani

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Cushion Shape Grandidierite
$ 120,000.00 USD
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